Mastering AI Shots 📸

Tips for Optimal Results

Photoai is an advanced AI-powered tool that generates high-quality AI images from your photos.

For best results, it’s important to take photos that meet the following criteria:

👉 Take close-up shots ensuring that you’re the main focus of the picture. We need 15 to 20 close-ups.

👉 To receive creative and interesting AI pictures, upload close-up photos in various environments and lighting conditions. Use pictures from different days with different backgrounds.

👉 Avoid uploading blurry pictures. While making new photos, make sure that your camera is stable.

👉 Ensure that there is ONE person in the picture. No group photos.

👉 Make sure that your face and hair are fully visible. Additionally, don’t cover your face with your hands as this can detract from the overall impact of the image.

👉 Don’t upload the same picture multiple times.

Important! Adult photos only. Photos of children are NOT allowed.

The quality of your AI-generated pictures depends on the quality of the uploaded photos. Taking the time to capture or find the best possible shots is key to receiving the best AI pictures.